About Me

I am a human-centered designer based in Dallas.

Growing up, I was a maker. From doodling and painting to making my own jewelry and clothes, I did it all. Oddly enough, I also enjoyed math, even though it wasn’t my best subject. Later I realized what I loved about math was the process-driven problem solving. I enjoyed the challenge of trying different things and learning how each each part of the system fit together to complete the puzzle.

Fast forward and I consider myself lucky to have graduated with a unique degree from UT Dallas – Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication – which allowed me to exercise both the right and left sides of the brain.

I enjoy letting imagination and curiosity drive me in projects while also flexing my analytical, methodical way of working through problems through strategic and service design thinking.

I love to travel and explore new cities with my husband, meet interesting people and learn different cultures and ways of living.

Traveling consistently opens my eyes to the many perspectives and unique stories each person has to share, teaches me to challenge my assumptions and pushes me to strive for accessible, universal, human-centered design.

  • Beautiful views from Twin Peaks in San Francisco

When I’m not working, you can find me enjoying a cup of coffee at a small, local cafe, traveling, learning new skills at UX meetups or listening to fascinating stories on RadioLab.

Some meetups I eagerly attend include UX Research and Strategy (Dallas, TX), Big Foresight (Dallas, TX), Dallas User Experience Group (UXPA Dallas chapter) and SDN (The Service Design Network).

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